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Special Sale
■Special Sales for our existing customers,We here would like to offer the special discount of our discontinued items.

■These items are not "second class items", but discontinued items left in our stock.
Therefore, the quality is as good as the regular item's and you can sell them to your customer as reliable quality items.

■The number of a products is limited.
The sales will finish as soon as they go out of stock.
If you are interested, please let us know.
We will reply you as soon as possible.
Your kind understanding will be appreciated in case there are not any stock left when you order.

sale item ex.)
No,2088 SALE no.2088
- Cotton Sateen
- Kimono 56"
- Red
No,2105 SALE no.2105
- Polyester
- Happi Coat 42"
- Blue
Sale Item List Download
■These items above are only examples.
 We have more sales items.
 You can see all the special sales items from
 "Sale Item List Download".
  ↑Click here

For our regular customers
Please let us know "SALE no. , color" and "order quantity",by e-mail / Fax as usual or from Web Form.
For first-time customer
-Our Products are for wholesalers and retailers only.
We do not sell our products directly to individual customers.
-When you place an order, please fill in "Contact us" and write "SALE no. , color" and "order quantity" on the comment field and click "send".
We will contact you and if you accept our business terms, we will ship the products upon the confirmation of your payment.
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