How to submit a manuscript to Japan Journal of Food Engineering

Japan Journal of Food Engineering (JJFE) is an academic journal published by the Japan Society for Food Engineering that covers food engineering and related areas .

JJFE is a SCOPUS indexed, open access journal published quarterly (Print ISSN:1345-7942, Online ISSN:1884-5924). JJFE is a blind peer-reviewed journal. Upon receiving the manuscript prepared according to our journal style, the editor will send it to the reviewers. Average time from the submission to the first decision is 30 days or less.

After it is accepted for publication, the invoice for the page charge will be sent to the corresponding author. Once we confirm the payment, we will start making the galley proof. As we have the online early view system, the final version is displayed soon after receipt of the corrected proofs. .

Page charges are required in order for publication in JJFE. This is needed in order to maintain JJFE as an open-access journal. 2 pages or less 12,000 JPY, 3 pages 15,000 JPY, 4 pages 18,000 JPY, 5 pages 21,000 JPY 6 pages 24,000 JPY, 7 pages 30,000 JPY, 8 pages 36,000 JPY (If the manuscript is not accepted for publication, the authors do not have to pay.)

The authors have to follow the style guide in order to prepare a manuscript for submission to JJFE.
The manuscript template is available.
The manuscript (as a MS word file and a PDF file) along with the manuscript invoice file should be sent to .

The details of JJFE are shown below.

Japan Journal of Food Engineering

1. Aims of Journal Publication

The Japan Society for Food Engineering (the Society) publishes "Japan Journal of Food Engineering (the Journal)" to convey and disseminate information regarding food engineering and related areas to all members of the Society as an important part of its activities.
The Journal is published with an aim of gaining wide recognition as a periodical pertaining to food engineering and related areas.

2. Manuscript Types

Manuscripts are largely categorized into Original Research Papers, Technical Papers, Review, Explanatory Articles, Notes, and Letters.
All manuscripts should be prepared in either Japanese or English following the Instructions for Manuscript Preparation provided separately.

2.1 Original Research Papers
Original Research Papers must report original research that has not been published in other academic journals, and contains valuable facts, data, and conclusions; development of novel measurement methods; or novel findings related to collection, evaluation, and estimation of material properties.
Manuscript length must be no longer than six (6) printed pages excluding Japanese Summary for papers presented in English.

2.2 Technical Papers
Technical Papers are those that report novel findings related to various technologies, development of testing methods, or operation and design of equipment.
Manuscript length must be no longer than six (6) printed pages excluding Japanese Summary for papers presented in English.

2.3 Review and Explanatory Articles
Review and Explanatory Articles should offer comprehensive explanations (discussions) on various issues or up-to-date research trends and progresses with references.
Review Articles are those that clearly reflect the author's view on a given topic.
Explanatory Articles are those that describe a topic in such a manner that members from other fields can understand it easily.
These may be submitted either voluntarily by members of the Society or upon request by the Editorial Committee of the Journal.
The length of an article should not exceed ten (10) printed pages.

2.4 Notes
Notes present a concrete idea or know-how obtained through research or technical development, development of novel equipment, or experiences of the authors, that may be of value for readers in general.
Notes should be no longer than two (2) printed pages

2.5 Letters
Letters offer opinions or discussions of significance with regard to a specific problem, supplements, or opinions or discussions relevant to articles published in the Journal. The length of a letter should not exceed one (1) printed page.

3. Information Related to Handling of Manuscript

3.1. Submission of Manuscripts
The manuscript should be submitted by the corresponding author via e-mail to the Editorial office at The manuscript should be prepared as a single PDF or MS Word file including title page, abstract, text, figures and tables. Please remember that the manuscript invoice file (which can be downloaded from the journal website) should be attached.

3.2 Review of manuscript
Acceptance/rejection of a manuscript will be determined by the Editorial Committee after peer-review by two reviewers, who will be selected by a member of the Editorial Committee to whom the manuscript is assigned by the Editor-in-Chief.
The handling of manuscripts shall be according to in-house regulations.
Revisions may be asked for both voluntary and requested contributions.
Revised manuscripts must be resubmitted within 2 months after the manuscript has been returned to the corresponding author.
If the revised manuscript is not received within the specified period, the manuscript may be processed as abandoned.
While e-mails will be used primarily for forwarding and returning the manuscript to and from the reviewers and for notification of the review results to the authors, postal service may be used for handling manuscripts in hardcopy.

3.3 Date of receipt and acceptance
The day when the editorial committee receives the manuscript is designated as the date of receipt. The day when the editorial committee determines that the manuscript is publishable is designated as the date of acceptance.?

4. Copyright

Copyright to the papers and review articles published in the Journal belongs to the Japan Society for Food Engineering.
Requests for permission to reproduce materials will be considered by the editorial committee and the decision will be made by the Editor-in-Chief.
In a case where figures or tables from other (copyrighted) work are reproduced in papers or review articles, it is the responsibility of the authors to obtain permission for reproduction from the owner of the copyright.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Abbreviation of the journal title
When citing this Journal in publications in languages other than Japanese, the journal title should be abbreviated as Jpn. J. Food Eng.

Japan Journal of Food Engineering Manuscript Writing Guide

Japan Journal of Food Engineering Manuscript Invoice

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